Mirror, Mirror...

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

If we got a $1.00 for every time we are asked, “who is the most popular princess character,” we could afford Starbucks lattes every morning. When a potential client contacts us, one of two things occur. Either they have their heart set on a specific character, or they are lovably clueless and request our opinion. If indeed they haven’t the slightest notion as to what princess or character would best serve their specific birthday party group, you can be certain they will ask which is the most booked or popular. Now, in a perfect world there would be no definitive response to this. But rather, we would play 30 questions until we got an idea into what would best suit their needs. However, this is not the case.

Walt Disney company has this wonderful way of creating characters that the majority of viewers can relate to at not only that time, but for decades to come. Not much different than really great music or fashion. It’s remarkable that a 5 year old girl today, can be completely captivated by vintage characters such as Snow White or Cinderella. I would love to think the reasoning behind these almost random choice favourites, is due to an enchanting storyline or because of some life-shaping moral lesson taught by the movies heroine. But alas, what makes for our most sought after princess characters seems to be a heck of a lot more simple… colours. Yep, you read that correctly! No need for 30 questions or some deep philosophical conversation about the varying character traits. The question is wildly simple. “What is your daughter’s favourite colour?” For one reason or another, every time I am chatting with a group of people and this topic comes up, it always catches me off guard as to how defensive and disappointed they become. It’s truly like they need to believe that the process of selecting a favourite Disney Princess MUST be more complex than that. I can see them grimace and squirm, at my light hearted reaction to this. Like there needs to be more behind such a choice. Like I have unintentionally insulted them with my unwanted truth. Perhaps it’s my view on this, that makes the logic behind it perfectly acceptable. As an adult, it would seem absolutely ludicrous to make life decisions based a colour. “Hmmm, I really need internet service, should I go with Rogers because red is my lucky colour or Bell, because blue is so tranquil?” The reality is, we DO still make a great deal of decisions based on favourite colours. Faced with a huge lot of cars, a display of sweaters at the Gap or paint for our living room, colour becomes an easy way to narrow things down. When you’re turning 5 and the whole world is new to you and each and every day becomes more complex than the next, making choices can provide a challenge. When we are talking fantasy and fairy tale in it’s purest form, why not let our little ones choose based on nothing more than the colour they think is fairest of them all?

*** A Little Help for our “Lovably Clueless” Potential Clients***

Can’t figure out which character would be ideal for your next princess birthday party? Here is a handy list

Snow White- Primary colours (always appealing for younger groups!)

Cinderella- Baby Blue

Sleeping Beauty- Pink

Little Mermaid- Sea Foam Green (also had killer red hair!)

Belle- Yellow

Jasmine- Turquoise

Tiana- Green

Rapunzel- Purple