Planning a Perfect Princess Party

Princess Birthday Party Ideas

There will come a time when your little girl will go through a princess phase. She may be enchanted by fantasies of castles, ponies, ball gowns and sparkling crowns or she could have seen a Disney Princess film. Either way, consider yourself locked into this obsession for at least 2-3 years.

When her birthday rolls around, there is no doubt she is going to want a princes party theme. Here are some amazing planning tips and ideas to make the day special and unique.

Princess Party Invitations

Your princess party will be a magical event! What better way to set the tone, then elaborate royal invites. You don’t have to spend a fortune on professional stock cards. Create your own invitations using fairytale looking fonts and fancy texts. If you are looking to go the extra mile, use paper shaped like a castle, crown, ball gown, etc.

Princess party invitations can also look great on a quality basic white printing paper, and then dipped into water that has been stained by tea bags. This will give an over the top, authentic, medieval palace appearance. Simply print invitations onto paper and cut if applicable. Boil a kettle of water and 4 tea bags to soak for 2 hours. Remove tea bags, discard and allow water to cool until room temperature. Empty the water into large, shallow container. Place an invitation into the water and let sit for 20 seconds. Remove and place on clean dry surface. Repeat for remaining and allow the night to dry. Once dry, carefully roll princess invitation and secure with hot wax or string.

There are also many great and inexpensive card designers on Etsy, who are able o make adjustments and personalize beautiful process invitations for very reasonable rates.

Princess Party Decorations

Two words…Think! Pink! Party stores and event big box stores offer a variety of plates, napkins and balloons in perfectly princess-y pink. Looking for something more regal? Rather than draping every square inch of your main floor with varying shades of pink, why not try royal purple and gold? Just be certain to keep your theme the same for all your princess party planning and activities.

Another idea is to select a Disney princess and base your party colors and décor on the colors of her dress and different relevant movie clips. For example, for a Tangled theme party, use light purple and pink balloons. Print wanted posters of Flynn Rider, hang inexpensive floating lanterns and if you are feeling really creative, braid a yellow yarn to look like Rapunzel’s braid and hot glue artificial flowers to accessorize. There are also plenty of wonderful Disney princess supplies available at local party stores.

Princess Party Menu

Regardless of what time of day you are holding your princess party, snacks are must! As a party planning mama, let me tell you that a princess party menu is a ton of fun! The options are endless, but here are a few easy and inexpensive ideas that are bound to be crowd pleasers.

- Make fairy wand snacks by cutting traditional rice cereal treats in star shapes with a cookie cutter. Then, insert a pretzel rod ¼ of an inch into each for the wand’s handle. Decorate shape with colored icing, sprinkles or edible glitter.

-Freeze pink-colored ice cubes (a combination of Kool-Aid and cranberry juice works well) before the party. At the party, serve lemon-lime soda or ginger ale, and let each child drop in a “magic” ice cube that will make their drink fit for a princess!

-Present chips or cut vegetables in a fun way! Hollow out a pumpkin, line it with plastic wrap and place the snacks inside.

-Use a cookie cutter to cut sandwiches into a princess shape. Hearts, crowns, carriages, glass slippers, dresses and lips are all common cookie cutter shapes that can be used to make a plain sandwich into a princess sandwich.

-“Poisonous” Candy apples are a great party food idea. They can be a little large for small guests, so an alternative would be to dip apple slices in caramel or in chocolate. This may be easier for some young guests.

Princess Party Activities

Your invitations are sent, guests have RSVP’d, menu is set and cake is in the fridge…now, what to do with a house full of little princesses?! Don’t fret. Our princess gaming list will give you a ton of great ideas for games and activities that are not only simple to instruct, but also inexpensive and fun for all ages.

Princess Make-over:

Using a large table space, or covered floor area, set up a mini princess salon for the girls to receive their fairytale make-overs. Have stations set up where girls go from station to station or you can ask adult volunteers to assist with applying the makeup. Your little guests can have a princess makeover that includes flavored lip gloss, sparkly eye shadow, shimmery blush, finger nail painting and even adhesive face gems.

Pass the Poisonous Apple:

Guests will sit in a circle and princess will press play on the music player. When the music is playing the guests must pass the apple along from one player to the next. When the princess presses pause, the guest holding the apple is out. Circle gets smaller and smaller until there is one guest remains.

Princess Says:

All guests will stand and face the princess. The princess will give the guests an action to do by saying “Princess Says.” The guests must repeat what she does. However, if the princess gives them an action to do without saying “Princess Says” and they do it, they are out. Play until one or a very small number of guests remain.

Kiss The Frog:

Guests will form one straight line. The first guest is blindfolded and the princess will spin them around in a circle 2-3 times and place a “kiss” in their hands. The guest must then try to place the “kiss” on the frog’s lips. The guest closest to the lips is declared the winner.

Royal Ball Freeze Dance:

Guests will stand, ensuring there is a good distance between each of them. Princess will begin playing the music, while the guests all dance. Once the music is paused, guests must freeze in place and remain there until music begins once again.

Animal Charades:

Princess will take one guest aside and whisper an animal in their ear. The guest must then act the animal out for other guests to guess what he or she is. Younger children should use sounds, while older children should not. The guest who guesses correctly is next to act out.

Princess Party Entertainment

Besides all the fun and engaging games and activities your little guests will be participating in, having additional entertainment planned is never a bad idea.

Princess crafts are definitely a must. Local craft and dollar stores are loaded with wonderful pre-packaged princess and fairytale themed crafts ranging in price. Don’t have a budget to work with? No problem! Simply Google “princess coloring pages” and you’ll find a wide assortment of images to choose from. Simply click, save and print. Guests will enjoy coloring and even decorating images with washable maker, sparkle glue and whatever else you have hanging about.

Another wonderful and game changing idea, is to book a Princess performer from your local entertainment company. This type of entertainment can be quite pricey, but will really add a magical and unforgettable element to the event. Be sure to ask what activities the princess performer may be leading guests in, to ensure you do not replicate an activity.

A simple and very cost effective way of entertaining guests, is to rent (if you don’t already have one in your DVD library) a Disney princess movie. Guests may not sit through the entire film, however this should keep them entertained for at least 20 minutes.