Become a Princess!

Official Princess Parties teams up with The Help to offer exclusive classes and camps for girls etiquette and manners training. Princess Charm School uses fun and interactive games and activities while focusing on:


  • First Impressions and Image

  • Greetings and Introductions

  • Importance of Good Attitude and Positive Body Language

  •  Posture and Poise

  • Techniques for a Graceful Walk, and How to Sit and Stand like a Lady

  • Conversation and Telephone Etiquette

  • Personal Style, Grooming, and Dressing Appropriately

  • How to Pose for a Photograph

  • Respect and Courtesy

  • Everyday Civility and Kindness

  • Essential Table Manners


Classes and camps are for girls ages 5-12 years 



Charm School

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